GIUSY LAURIOLA  visual artist


« My research is to match the inner image that I see confused and in the distance, but that I know emotionally perfectly, to the work I am creating »

LAURIOLA  was born in Rome, where she lives and works

“Her talent is manifested through ideas and inner sensations expressed on canvas with resin and plexiglas. This union is the result of the continuous research of the artist aimed to overcoming the static nature of the double dimension. Hic et nunc in the proscenium of the canvas the image never betrays its own DNA and meets the material under the aegis of color. This is how evanescent works are born, where subjects are crystallized in that undefined moment in which they are about to abandon the background. The pictorial composition in this new guise intends to transcend the ontological category in which it is set to open itself to the world. The videos are rooted in the same semiotics of painting, sharing the conceptual baggage and carrying out the two-dimensional abandonment. The protagonists of the artist’s visual poetics are colors, Roman cityscapes, actual historical events of today, but above all the female figure “Carlo Ercoli, art historian


“A visual mechanism, that of Lauriola, calibrated on processes that indicate narratives with homogeneous contents. The image hovers in a constant weight loss, superimposes levels with liquidity and transparency, shines and reflects impressive lights. The everyday life vitality transforms itself into an abnormal and vertiginous reflex, it soloarizes or overturns its own natural positive: until the liquid appearance becomes the new state of the look on the unreal world. The parallelism between pictures and video demonstrates the mutual ambivalence of the two languages, highlighting the common frequencies of two space-time positions. (…) Women become angels of salvation, anchors of sentimental rescue in a world where devotion is turning into the most barbaric collective rituals. The woman embodies a vitalistic center of the story, the emotional pitch that determines birth and rebirth, a solution of openness and continuity. A woman open to the test of ideas, of looks, of the perspectives to grasp the pain and turn it over in its regenerative structure “. Gianluca Marziani critic / curator of contemporary art

Artistic path

Lauriola graduated with honors in Modern Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures at the La Sapienza University of Rome. Subsequently to follow her inner  passion she attended first the San Giacomo Academy of Art and Craft then the professional illustration course Pencil Art in Rome. She also attended private lessons by two masters, Silvio Bicchi, from whom she learned the Macchiaioli technique and then Alberto Bertuzzi from whom she learned the Flemish and hyper-realist technique.


She is inside the 2020 edition of the De Agostini Atlas of Contemporary Art, the most complete collection of Italian artists from 1950 until today. She was invited to exhibit as  honor guest at the International Photo Festival in Lodz, Poland, with a solo show in Damascus and an International Symposium in Idlib both in  Syria and recently to participate in an artistic residence in Caraminico Terme. In 2019 she exhibited at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, at the Macro (Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome), at Palazzo Merulana for the non-dispersed Stateless people identity and in the Padua Contemporary Art Fair with the Spazio Cima gallery. Her works can be found in private collections in Europe, United States, Taiwan, Singapore, Syria, Hong Kong and South Africa.

 Since 2004, the artist has investigated issues such as war and indifference to the others suffering with the Cambialamore project, with which she was invited as honor guest in the international festival of Lodz in Poland, Killing Paradise. Subsequently, the awareness of the real is reworked in another dreamlike dimension, with the particular perspective of a utopia judged as possible: beauty, art, can re-build reality and free ourselves from so many inner and exterior horrors. The following work is the search of the divine in everyday life: the struggle between Enlightenment and Darkness, D.I.O., exhibited in Rome, in Monte Carlo and in Capalbio, and the video selected for Premio Celeste. Comimg back form a trip to Burkina Faso a fragmentary vision is born, similar to a flash, which sums up travel souvenirs, moments of the present and unexpected memories. Her gaze later changed. The new works tell what the artist sees, hears while walking through the city. With these works she was invited to Syria with a personal exhibition in Damascus and to participate ito an international art symposium. In later works the new perception is suspended, contemplated and colored. You can see wings, mysteriously resting on the wayfarers, as symbols of our timid and colored aspirations. With these works she was invited to exhibit in Greece. In 2016 she organized an exhibition sponsored by the Rome office of Banca Generali, which collects her projects of the last 12 years. Meanwhile the plexiglass disappears and ihas been replaced by resin. The presence of female subjects predominates, with evanescent and fluid bodies, women that enclose a magnificent and magnificent area. In her latest production the figuration of subjects laden with new symbolism and an emerging sign power, mostly young women and children, flow directly from that limbo between the conscious and the unconscious.

As a further expressive means of compendium of many artistic projects Lauriola makes video art.