« My research is to match the inner image that I see confused and in the distance, but that I know emotionally perfectly, to the work I am creating »

“I love working with resin because it  has a life of its own, which I have learned to deal with. Sometimes it reacts in such a way that surprises me. My interpretation is that it represents what is inevitable in life. It reminds me that you cannot control everything, but only learn to accept or prevent, when possible. There is always something beyond our capacity to control things, both in a positive or negative way.”

Overcoming the static nature of the double dimension

“Her talent is manifested through ideas and inner sensations that are expressed on canvas and meet resin and Plexiglas. This union is the result of the continuous research of the artist aimed to overcome the static nature of the double dimension. Hic et nunc in the proscenium of the canvas the image never betrays its own DNA and meets the material under the aegis of color. This is how evanescent works are born, where subjects are crystallized in that undefined moment in which they are about to abandon the background. The pictorial composition in this new guise intends to transcend the ontological category in which it is set to open itself to the world. The videos are rooted in the same semiotics of painting, sharing the conceptual baggage and carrying out the two-dimensional abandonment. The protagonists of the artist’s visual poetics are colors, Roman landscapes, actual historical events, but above all the female figure “. Carlo Ercoli curator and art historian

Ambivalence between paintings and videos to give life to saving angels

“The parallelism between pictures and video demonstrates the mutual ambivalence of the two languages, highlighting the common frequencies of two space-time positions. (…) Women become angels of salvation, sentimental love anchors in a world where devotion is transforming into more barbaric than collective rituals, the woman embodies a vitalistic center of the story, the emotional diapason that determines birth and rebirth, a solution of openness and continuity: a woman open to the test of ideas, gazes, perspectives with which to grasp pain and turn it into its regenerative structure “. Gianluca Marziani contemporary art critic / curator

Magnetic and evanescent female subjects

The technique that characterized her until 2016 was the use of two layers: under the canvas painted with oil and above the plexigas on which the same image is transferred to simulate the movement and overcome the two-dimensionality. Subsequently, the free section joins the resin and creates beautiful color and material effects. Female icons are born with evanescent and fluid bodies, women with a magnetic and elusive aura. The brushstrokes are sharp and precise, the colors blurred, the subjects realistic but never defined.

“The artist develops a visual poetics imbued up to the essence of substance and matter in which his women live the dream of the canvas: sinuous figures face the two-dimensional space, rhythm every available centimeter and zeroing the time, but as a suspended dimension where space-time is distorted and the actresses hover on the surface deluding the viewer of a feeble contact, they are free but at the same time light almost palpitating in their fragility, because this is what Lauriola derives from today’s reality. We must not forget that her painting has shaped her ego in speed, in the dynamic forces and in the fears that stir our present of people “. Carlo Ercoli curator and historioc of the art