“Art, for me, represents immersing myself in inner journeys, in that magical silence made up of the absence of space and time necessary to then give form and colour to images that, filtered by emotions, live a metaphysical dimension that seeks a representation. A need I had since I was a child when I hid under the living room table and started to draw, cut, glue: what I now do in my studio!”.


“The parallelism between paintings and videos demonstrates the exchangeable ambivalence of the two languages, highlighting the common frequencies of two spatio-temporal positions. (…) Women become saviour angels, sentimental lifelines in a world where devotion is turning into the most barbaric of collective rituals. It is precisely the woman who embodies a vitalistic centre of the tale, the emotional tuning fork that determines birth and rebirth, openness and continuity. A woman open to the test of ideas, of glances, of perspectives with which to grasp pain and turn it around in its regenerative order.”
Gianluca Marziani contemporary art critic/curator


“An immaterial light, a living hope cloaks the latest works. They exude a re-appropriated sentiment translated into suspended atmospheres that speak to us of conviviality, friendship and passion. Thus we see the close faces of a man and a woman emerge, appetisers of a romantic evening, or female profiles immortalised in an aura of metaphysical harmony, a real fresh breeze for the spirit. A glass of emerald red wine embodies the prelude to a possible emotional transport. The closeness of sensitive souls imposes itself as an antidote to the poison of the individualistic drift of today’s world. “
Carlo Ercoli curator and art historian


“In the dualism between basic abstractionism and figurative symbolism, the human presence is introduced by objects linked to the sphere of everyday life that refer to a conscious use of the environment. Chairs, armchairs and interiors announce women and men without making them manifest, leaving the observer with a sensation of experience linked to his or her own emotional sphere.These objects also have another fundamental function in Lauriola’s latest production. Through these, the artist invites us to stop, to close our eyes to enjoy the breath of creation and thus finally be able to see a new reality to be experienced in tune with Nature”.
Carlo Ercoli curator and art historian