“I have been working on the female figure since 2017, trying to leave the contact with reality in orfer to find in the stretch what refers to my research: the image that coincides with an inner vision that I see confused in the distance, but whose emotion I know perfectly”.

“I am currently working in a timeless communication between a woman and a child:  a life story and that hidden side which can come out only on the canvas. I try to create fragile and strong figures with a style that from figurative is becoming abstract expressionism. It is my way of expressing the female and human condition.! “

Dreamlike dimension

“The figure of the woman has often been at the center of the artist’s paintings; fears, tensions but also lightness and elegance are explained on the support through a color scheme that is sometimes rarefied or luxuriant, always intentionally far from realistic mimesis in a formal balance between absence and presence. The shapes depicted dominate the interior space of the painting, determining the compositional structure. These establish a dual relationship with the spectator who deludes himself that he can understand or grasp them. But the longing remains the same, the contact never occurs and the observer remains suspended in a cognitive dimension devoid of space-time references. Before, this impossibility was often emphasized and accentuated by the use of plexiglass or resin with an almost transparent barrier function placed on the front of the work. Now, in conjunction with a reached artistic maturity, this filter is less allowing an unprecedented sign power to emerge. The figuration at the same time evanescent but vigorous is enriched with new subjects laden with a symbolism never seen before in the works of Lauriola. The awareness obtained turns into representations that flow directly from that limbo present between the conscious and the unconscious of the artist; the latter succeeds in giving life to creations whose ultimate aim is to induce the viewer to reflect on the necessity to let the prevailing contemporary materialism prevail over the transient genuine feelings. Each element of the scene is not defined physiognomically and each of us can see himself in the subjects portrayed; through this it is possible to enter into a dreamlike dimension detached from the superfluous that is configured as the first step of an introspective journey aimed at the personal spiritual catharsis. “Carlo Ercoli curator and art historian

Ambivalence between paintings and videos to give life to saving angels

“The parallelism between pictures and video demonstrates the mutual ambivalence of the two languages, highlighting the common frequencies of two space-time positions. (…) Women become angels of salvation, sentimental love anchors in a world where devotion is transforming into more barbaric than collective rituals, the woman embodies a vitalistic center of the story, the emotional diapason that determines birth and rebirth, a solution of openness and continuity: a woman open to the test of ideas, gazes, perspectives with which to grasp pain and turn it into its regenerative structure “. Gianluca Marziani contemporary art critic / curator

Magnetic and evanescent female subjects

The technique that characterized her until 2016 was the use of two layers: under the canvas painted with oil and above the plexigas on which the same image is transferred to simulate the movement and overcome the two-dimensionality. Subsequently, the free section joins the resin and creates beautiful color and material effects. Female icons are born with evanescent and fluid bodies, women with a magnetic and elusive aura. The brushstrokes are sharp and precise, the colors blurred, the subjects realistic but never defined.