Liquidity Video

Lauriola to give life to her liquid and transparent women, expression of the fragility she perceives in reality, has realized a video. The project combines the analog with the digital and is born exactly from her works, animated through 3D motion graphic techniques and later retroprojected with the projection mapping technique. The artist paints and reproduces on a particular canvas her paintings, every movement, every action creates something on the canvas in digital and musical synchrony. Liquid women dissolve and are then re-materialized to go beyond the concept of transparency and liquidity to give them a new life. A vision in which the liquidity of the projection (not real) contrasts with the (solid) reality of the works that exist and the (solid) presence of the artist. A reference to the liquid modernity of Bauman that, to put it in the words of the Polish sociologist, is “the belief that change is the only thing permanent and that uncertainty is the only certainty”. The liquid woman created by the artist represents this feeling of instability that Lauriola melts as an extreme solution, but which then recomposes to represent her desire to counteract the individualism and isolation from which we are surrounded.